Denville Community Information

Incorporated in 1913, Denville has transformed itself from a sleepy summer resort into a thriving town of more than 14,000 residents who live in the communities of Cedar Lake, Indian Lake, Rainbow Lakes, Estling Lake, Cooks Pond, Lake Arrowhead and Rock Ridge Lake.

Residents of Denville have a number of highly ranked public and private schools to choose from. The Denville School District is comprised of two elementary schools and one middle school. Morris Knolls High School is part of the highly respected Morris Hills School District. Three universities, a two-year community college and a vocational technical school also serve the community.

Morris County residents have access to 28 parks that cover 13,000 acres, 16 public and private golf courses, several ski resorts, a cluster of lakes, a number of museums and historic sites and cultural facilities. The Ayres/Knuth Farm in Denville is listed on both the State and Federal Historic Site Registers. The first property in Denville so listed, this 52-acre farm is notable for its 150 year continuous farming aspect. Most importantly, it is the oldest and largest cluster of 19th century farm buildings in Morris County, and perhaps the State.

Denville’s downtown offers an array of unique shops and boutiques with numerous cafes and restaurants. Several regional malls including Rockaway Townsquare and Willowbrook provide plenty of resources for shoppers.

Thanks to its central location, Morris County is home to dozens of Fortune 500 Companies and supports 23 million square feet of office space, and 39 million square feet of industrial space. A mixture of corporate headquarters, office/business parks and firms involved in research and development are located in the area.

The modern history of Denville dates back to the late 1600s when Dutch and English from Long Island, Quakers from Philadelphia and Germans began settling in the area. William Penn and several other proprietors began to survey and stake out lands in the Denville area around 1715. These surveys are the first documentation of Denville. Between 1730 and 1760, several forges and mills were erected in Denville along the Rockaway River and the Denbrook. The naming of Denville can be traced to a "den" of wild animals located in the swampy regions along the Denbrook and Rockaway River.

Today, Denville is known for its residents’ uncommon friendliness and spirit of volunteer contribution.

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